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Nouveau Catalogue Technique Alnor 7.0

Nouveau Catalogue Technique Alnor 7.0

It’s here! Download the newest edition of our Product Catalogue 7.0

What’s new? Quite a lot, our catalogue has over 1000 pages filled with technical specifications, new designs, models, and how-to manuals. 


We’ve added brand new product groups, i.e.:

  •  The system of Single-Compartment, Circular Smoke Extraction Ductwork
  •  The EPP Thermal Ducting for the MVHR systems


We’ve also added new products or models to the existing product categories:

  • Chemically Resistant Plastic Ducts and Fittings – circular & rectangular
  • Air Valves, Diffusers and Louvres
  • FLX-REKU Distribution System for The MVHR systems (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery)
  • Shut-off Fire Dampers with Access Panels – circular & rectangular


We’re aware that scrolling through over 1000 pages can be a “challenge”, that’s why in the newest catalogue edition we’ve added hyperlinks in the table of contents. How does it work? Simply CLICK on the product name and you will automatically be transferred to the correct product page.

We strive to keep the product technical specifications updated and if needed we expand them with new test results and information. Therefore if You find any of our technical sheet unclear or lacking some information, feel free to drop us an email with Your suggestions or questions: marketing@alnor.com.pl or use the on-site chat. 


Télécharger le Catalogue en format PDF à partir de notre site Web.