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Electric duct heater

Photo of product HRQ-PremAIR-HDE /-HDE-CO1


HRQ-PremAIR-HDE and HRQ-PremAIR-HDE-CO1 round duct electric heaters
are designed for ventilation systems with HRU-PremAIR residential
air handling unit to use as pre-heaters - serve as additional (optional)
frost protection for the heat exchanger and therefore allow the unit
to work in a balanced way even during heavy winter conditions.

The casing is made from galvanised steel sheet, the heating elements are made from stainless steel.

Heaters are equipped in a two-stage overheat protection. The first thermostat
is an automatic-reset temperature limiter set to trip at +60˚C. The other
thermostat is a manual temperature limiter set to trip at +90˚C (once tripped,
this device needs to be reset by hand). Ducted electric heaters feature EPDM gaskets
at the male connection ends and a 3m long power cord with a dedicated plug
for HRU-PremAIR units. HRQ-PremAIR-HDE-CO1 has additionally a single contractor.


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