Official Guidebook on RAHU technology

Official Guidebook on RAHU technology

Want to learn more about RAHU? In that case, Eurovent's recent guidebook on Residential Heat Recovery Ventilation Units is a must-read.

Artur Kołacz, Alnor's RAHU Product Manager, is among the HVAC experts who were involved in this Guide. PG-RAHU members from all over Europe collaborated for about two years to create a comprehensive and universal knowledge base about Heat Recovery Ventilation.

His role as product manager at Alnor and expert in RAHU allowed him to not only become involved in the whole project but also contribute a segment about casing (pg.30). Here he discusses the importance of the casing construction and shows the most common types of casing along with his commentary (pros and cons) in relation to thermal insulation properties, airtightness, and comfort.

We are thrilled that Eurovent is promoting IAQ and Mechanical Ventilation, not just through the introduction of new laws and regulations, but also through education for manufacturers, installers, designers, and end-users.

Thank you for your outstanding work and dedication:
Jan Andersson, Vytautas Astrauskas, Xavier Boulanger (Aldes), Jaroslav Chlup, Wolfgang Grassler (J. PICHLER Gesellschaft m.b.H.), Henning Gronbaek (EXHAUSTO), 
Artur Kolacz (ALNOR Ventilation Systems), Jarek Kurnitski, Gabriel Rojas (Universität Innsbruck), Igor Sikonczyk (Eurovent) Emmanuel Val (Siemens).

The guidebook is free of charge and You can Download it HERE>>>