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NEW Foam Damper enriched with Activated Carbon

NEW Foam Damper enriched with Activated Carbon

A New type of Foam Damper enriched with Activated Carbon


Foam dampers with active carbon are used for regulating airflow in ventilation systems. With Ultra-Fresh certification, polyurethane foam is more durable and less prone to microorganism growth. Also, the activated carbon keeps the air damper odour-free and hygienic.


Why should you choose DAT-AKU dampers?

  • Ultra-Fresh enriched polyurethane foam (antifungal and antibacterial),
  • Added active carbon helps to neutralize unpleasant odors and absorb them,
  • Ventilation system air flow regulation,
  • Attenuating properties,
  • There are two damper thicknesses: 50 mm and 75 mm,
  • Fire-retardant material (Cfl-s1),
  • The sizes range from 80mm up to 315mm,
  • Direct installation in the circular ventilation duct,
  • possibility of installing several dampers in series.

Technical sheet dat-akuDownload the technical sheet for Foam Damper DAT-AKU/DAT-AKU-CA

Are dampers tested for antimicrobial effectiveness?

Ultra-Fresh antibacterial additives do not emit any odor and are invisible to the naked eye. Thus, DAT-AKU foam dampers have been tested for antibacterial activity based on the AATCC 30 standards: Antifungal Activity, Assessment on Textile Materials: Mildew and Rot Resistance of Textile Materials and ISO 20743 Textiles — Determination of antibacterial activity of textile products.

certificate dat-akuDownload the ULTRA-FRESH certificate

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